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Olaf Solstrand <harryklein at> skrev:
>> Somewhere I've read that Gyro Gearloose once
>> recieved a Nobel price. Is this a Barks fact?
>> And if so, what kind of Nobel price was it?
>> Best regards from
>> Sigvald :-)
> My guess is that you read it on my website. This is
> not a Barks fact - in fact I've never really read
> that Gyro recieved a Nobel prize. But in the 
> story Romano Scarpa wrote for the 1988 Seoul
> Olympics (in Norway published in Donald Pocket 88),
> he recieved a Snobbel prize or something in that
> style (and he recieved it in the famous Scandinavian
> capital Stockfisk). It was none of the five ordinary
> prizes, but a brand new prize, and Gyro was the 
> first person to ever recieve one of these. (I don't
> remember the exact title, but it was something
> really, really weird that the Snobbel Comitee 
> had decided to start with). As I'm very fond of
> Gyro, and absolutely think that he deserves a Nobel
> Prize (and I think he would have recieved one if he 
> was alive), I added this to my list. Except that I,
> because of my (and yours) Duckburg-time-perspective,
> couldn't let this happen in 1988 - so I changed it
> a teensie-weensie.

Yes, I found this info on your page. And now I have
also checked up your source. It's Donald Pocekt #89
(NOT #88), page 9-12. The sequence you are referring
to is very interesting, but I also see some problems
connecting to this source and the way you have used

1) You changed the time from 1988 to "sometime in the

2) You changed the name of the prize from
"Snobbel-prize" to "Nobel-prize". I have no problems
to see the connection, but this is still changing

3) Besides Gyro, Scrooge, Donald and other characters
from Duckburg this story also includes Mickey Mouse
which according to the present donaldistic "paradigm"
is a character who doesn't exist in the
"Duck-universe". Instead he lives in a
"Mouse-universe" in a place called Mouseton. So even
thoug these places for some reason is both called
"Andeby"/"Andeborg"/"Ankkalinna", etc. in Europe, this
story contradict the present donaldistic "paradigm" on
these matters.

4) You didn't add any note about your source (it's a
golden rule for historians to give proper references
to all sources).

Any way mentioning an event of this kind in the
presentation of Duckburg's history is a very good idea
and some day I will probably add a reference to the
award Gyro was given in a Barks story (mentioned in an
other DCML-mail recently) to my "The Lives and Times
in Duckburg" pages.

Best regards from
Sigvald :-)

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