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> > My sources (Becattini and Boschi) concur in saying 
> > that Donna Duck is a different character from Daisy.
> It was written also in *official*, approved Disney 
> books, like my "Walt Disney Presenta Paperina e le 
> Altre", whose informations were revised, one for one, 
> by Greg Crosby (actually in charge at Disney USA).
> The same version shall be included into a next-to-
> come international book on the same matter.

But other parts of the huge Disney corporation 
disagree.  See this pin that went on sale in 
Disneyland in the spring of 2002.  Whoever OKed it 
apparently does feel that Donna Duck and Daisy Duck 
are the same person/duck:

The people in charge of the pins also recently
changed Grandma Duck's hair color from white
to grey, so what do they know?

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