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> But other parts of the huge Disney corporation
> disagree.  See this pin that went on sale in
> Disneyland in the spring of 2002.  Whoever OKed it
> apparently does feel that Donna Duck and Daisy Duck
> are the same person/duck:

Many people still refer to Donna as "previous name of Daisy Duck": as you
can see, even here
1  and the
character's listed as "Daisy Duck in Don Donald". As far as I know, that's a
general misunderstanding due to Donna's look. In her early movies, Daisy
franly looks a lot like Donna, even if their costumes are different.
Comparing this picture  to the pic of
Donna, you can't deny they look like each other. Beside, even in the
"Mickey's Christmas Carol" movies, Daisy resembles her spanish counterpoint.
I don't know if they were originally planned to be different characters from
the very beginning, or if it has been a late choice. Eventually, both Daisy
and Donald changed their look in the years: if you take the Donald of "Don
Donald" you'll see he's slightly different from a more recent Donald as, for
example, this one . Daisy
has developed a slightly larger beak than Donna (and Daisy's own earlier
appearances), less almond shaped eyes, and curlier feathers on her headback.
Yet, she STILL looks like Donna to a distract eye.
This would be another reason to think she and Donna are relatives. Just
think to Huey, Dewey and Louie: they're identical twins whom only difference
is clothes colors. Same for April, May and June. Even Donald and Della are
somehow similar to each other, despite they don't seem to be full-identical
twins (see Della's blonder hair, and smaller eyes). Scrooge and his sisters
are not identical, yet they share the basical facial features. And,
Scrooge's two uncles LOOK a lot like his father as well. If Daisy and Donna
would be relatives, this would easily explain the many similarities between
the two of them.

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