Viruses keep coming from Apostolis? sigvald at
Tue Oct 22 14:33:41 CEST 2002

Hi all!

The last few days I have daily recieved viruses which apears to be sent from my fellow D.U.C.K.hunters, and I know that viruses has even been sent in MY name. It's now time to stop this mess!!!

According to my Danish friend Thomas Lauritsen these viruses comes from Greece and most probably from someone close to, or most likely inside D.U.C.K.hunt. And there is ONE D.U.C.K.hunter from whom there has been no viruses - Apostolis Trikourakis. 

This can heppen to best. Once Dan Shane's computer was infected so that it sent viruses in Don Rosa's name, so please Apostolis - do the following:
a) Check you PC
b) Tell us if the viruses are coming from elsewhere or
c) If the viruses are coming from your PC - please confess so that not all greeks in the DCML becomes suspected.

Sigvald :-)

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