Rob Klein bi442 at
Thu Oct 24 15:59:46 CEST 2002

Is this virus that is circulating through our list group carried by receiving 
the digested messages from DCML?  Or is it only spread through individual 
messages that come in private messages directly from list members (one to 

I am terribly afraid of receiving a virus. Regarding the appeal I made for 
French back issues: If you respond to that, please send your response to the 
general list.  I will then send the list the issues I want to you. I am 
reasonably sure that I do not have a virus now (unless it can be obtained 
directly from receiving the digested list, and is still being carried by the 
digested list messages). Since beginning of June, I have only been receiving 
them for the last 4 days. Before that, I was reading the list messages from the 
DCML Archives. Duco Feenstra is the only list member that has sent me a message 
since I returned home recently. I hope your machine is not infected, Duco.  
And, I hope only very few members have actually picked up the virus. I am NOT 
using a Microsoft mail server. In addition, I use my mail server ONLY through 
its "Remote Access" capability. I hope that keeps such viruses from being 
picked up by my PC. Thanks, Rob Klein 

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