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Sun Oct 27 21:52:10 CET 2002

It's good to see that you are trying to find the infected computers,
and that the IP has been determined.  (I've checked if there is a
member of the DCML with such an adress or if someone has accessed
subscription pages for the DCML with that IP, but no.)

But now when that is done I don't think anything more needs to be said
about this off-topic subject here, except I'd like to answer Rob
Kleins question

> Is this virus that is circulating through our list group carried by
> receiving the digested messages from DCML?  Or is it only spread
> through individual messages that come in private messages directly
> from list members (one to another)?

With of all the talk about viruses here I think this should be clearly

 * No viruses have been sent through the DCML.

 * If someone would address a virus to the DCML it would probably
be eliminated by the central virus filter for  (The now very
popular viruses are stopped this way at least.  Of course new viruses
may get through until the filter is updated.)

 * If they get through that far they will most likely be stopped
anyway, because the forged sender address they use will probably
not be a subscriber to the list, or they will be too big for the list,
so they need manual intervention by me to get through.

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