Sigvald's boring OT discussion

Stefan Persson reimersholme at
Sun Oct 27 21:31:48 CET 2002

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Subject: "war" against "virus-terrorism"

> Well I won't stop my "war" against "virus-terrorism", I can promise you
that!!! That war *can* and *will* be won if the experts (like Soren Krarup
Olesen) on DCML fights back. I sent two virusfiles over to Soren earlier
today and hope that he'll now do his part of the job to stop this mess - go
get that son of a b.... Soren!!!

FYI, here is a quote from

About DCML

Discussion about Disney comics.

Here you can also find lots of information on Disney comics collected from
members of the list.

That is, it doesn't mention anything about virus discussions. So stop
sending such mails when you don't even know if the sender has anything to do
with this list!


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