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David Gerstein ramapith at mail.dk
Sun Oct 27 23:58:41 CET 2002

    Giles and others,

>1930: Uncle Mortimer (Oncle Radeville) (a mouse character with a moustache)
>1933: Mortimer Mouse (Oncle Mortimer); the picture given for Uncle Mortimer in
>Per Starback's site... they seem to make a difference between the two uncle

    The "two" Mortimers are really the same. This is an *error* on the part
of the original editors, who got confused by the fact that Mortimer's
appearance changed from 1930 to 1933 (most obviously, he lost his

>1931: Ruffhouse Rat (Ratapoil); a rat character who looks like
>Mortimer/Montmorency/Slicker with "BB" on his pants.

    Ruffhouse Rat is Minnie's lazy cousin.
    Ruffhouse is *not* related to Mortimer/Montmorency.
    Ruffhouse is *not* related to Mr. Slicker.
    The "BB" is "RR" in the original English.

>1947: Eaga Beewa (Iga Biva)

    Just a misspelling for Eega Beeva. The European editions of many "big
white books" have misspelled Eega's English name for years, probably because
it is so unusual...
    In the real English language comics the name is, and always has been
Eega Beeva...

    On a totally different note, something from a few days ago:

>I made a page about Donna Duck for you DCMailers, with a summary of all the
>info that have been told about this character

    I've visited your page. Mostly I liked it very much, except that I see
that you repeat the concept of Daisy and Donna being sisters, with Donna
being the mother of April, May, and June.
    Giles (and everyone), I really wish we'd stop trying to make this urban
legend fit into comics continuity. It just doesn't. According to the 1951
Karp and Taliaferro story in which Daisy and Donna appear as separate
characters, the two girls don't know each other, grew up in different
countries, and are clearly not relatives. Karp and Taliaferro clearly did
not intend Daisy and Donna to be sisters.

    David Gerstein

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