I am sorry...

sigvald@duckburg.dk sigvald at duckburg.dk
Mon Oct 28 11:49:06 CET 2002

if anyone here is offended by my reactions caused by the virus-mess. There are IMO several reasons that discussion did belong in this forum:

1) The viruses are sent to several participants at DCML.

2) The viruses are sent in the names of d.u.c.k.hunters of whom most of us are following DCML.

3) Discussing the matter here has given results as Soren Krarup Olesen has proved that the viruses are sent from Korinth, Greece.

BUT I do respect those of you who now says that enough is enough! I will thus let this topic rest for a while!

I am also sorry if anyone here is offended by my "though language" in some of my mails regarding this subject, but that's the way tough guys speak in most movies.

And please notice that I have *never* criticised Greeks in general. The only Greek I have *ever* criticised here on DCML is the guy in Korinth whose computer keeps bombing us with unwanted viruses.

Sigvald :-)

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