The Afrikaans [OT] H.W.Fluks at
Mon Sep 2 12:10:42 CEST 2002


> > I think calling the Afrikaans people a *race* is only 
> > encouraging people to
> > make assumptions about political and social views...
> Apologies that this is way off topic, but Harry what do you 
> mean?

The Afrikaans people is a people. One of the 12 (or so) peoples living in
South Africa. The English-speaking white people are a different people. But
they are the same race. When you mix up the words people and race, it's
easier for others to use the word "racist" inappropriate.

(Note that I am *not* implying here that you *are* a racist! You probably
just chose some wrong wording.)

> I immigrated to Europe from Southern Africa & am 
> stunned over the amount of anti-afrikaans prejudice there is 
> in Europe. Just the kind of thing I thought I'd left behind.  
> (and yes, I know the Afrikaans  dominated the apartheid 
> regime but that is not grounds to be anti- all Afrikaaners ).

Right. But that's how things go: after World War II, all Germans were bad.
After September last year, all muslims were bad. And in the Arabian world,
all Americans were bad. We can only try to fight this by making people


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