The Lost Fleece of Columbus

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DON said about "The Lost Charts of Columbus" (translated back to English):

> All the historic data of this story, which was written in 1995, are one
> hundred per cent authentic. There are historians who believe that these
> ancient travelers really reached America, and that all these travels
> really took place

There may be an even older traveler who reached America from
Europe: According to American archaeologist Henriette Mertz, the ancient
Greeks had traveled to America, the legend of Jason and the Argonauts
refers to a such a trip, and Colchis was somewhere in South America! (See,

If this claim is true, then a search for the earliest European visitor to
America would end in the home of the Larkies, making "The Lost Charts of
Columbus" a sequel to both "The Golden Helmet" and "The Golden Fleecing"!

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