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Mon Sep 2 21:29:25 CEST 2002

Thanks to Krinton Kyrimis for the posts translating Rosa's 
descriptions of some of his sequel stories.  When will these stories
ever be published in their (original!) English?   We monolinguists
in English-speaking countries still can't read his recent
stories, and all his foreign fans who have translated versions also 
want to see Don's original English, too.
   I was very surprised to see the following quote of Don Rosa:

"When I began working for _Gladstone_ in America, the
publisher DIDN'T want me to write sequels to Barks' stories, and he was
right, because the average American comics reader would not remember his
original stories, which had been out of print for a long time... Later,
of course, _Gladstone_ would bring them back into the light!"

   But Don's first story, "Son of the Sun (AR102)" was first published
by Gladstone in US219 in 1987; it was a sequel to US26 "Prize of Pizarro" 
and was full of Barks references.  It was a tremendous success, and 
there were 5 other sequel stories (AR103, 106, 113, 125, and 130) in
the next 2 years during Gladstone's first run up through 1989.
These were "Nobody's Business" sequel to C&S155 "Some Heir over the Rainbow";
"Cash Flow" sequel to US8 "Message from Mysterious Island";
"Last Sled to Dawson" sequel to "Back to the Klondike" and US59 "North of
the Yukon"; "Crockodile Collector" sequel to "Trail of the Unicorn"; and
"Return to Plain Awful" sequel to "Lost in the Andes".  These were all
tremendous sequel stories, but I still like "Return to Xanadu" the best.
						----Larry Giver.

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