Don Rosa's Sequels for Gladstone

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> Thanks to Krinton Kyrimis

Um, "Kriton"!

>    But Don's first story, "Son of the Sun (AR102)" was first published
> by Gladstone in US219 in 1987; it was a sequel to US26 "Prize of Pizarro"
> and was full of Barks references.

Full of Barks references it certainly was, but I don't think it was
a sequel to "The Prize of Pizarro" just because it took place in the
Andes. For the same reason, it's not even a sequel to "Lost in the Andes",
where there is an even stronger connection to that story, with that old
vicuna herder.

I believe that the same holds for most of the stories you mention, apart
from "Return to plain Awful". There are strong Barks references, but
the plot does not rely on them. E.g., just because uncle Scrooge's zoo
has a unicorn, this does not make "The Crocodile Collector" a sequel to
"Trail of the Unicorn", as the story revolves about something completely
different. A sequel would be, say, about finding a mate for the unicorn,
returning the unicorn home, taking the unicorn along on a treasure hunt
using a map found carved on its horn, or preventing Magica from kidnapping
the unicorn to grind its horn into a potion!

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