KOMIX #172

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at cti.gr
Mon Sep 30 07:42:05 CEST 2002

Here's what's in this month's issue of Komix:

* Cover by Russel Schroeder, from Mickey And Donald #6. I have put a
  scan of the cover at http://dias.cti.gr/~kyrimis/pics/komix172.jpg
* Two pages of letters.
* Two pages with "The News of Komix". Among the news items is a reference
  to DC Comics' "Fables", which is about the heroes of fairy tales living
  in modern New York. I wonder how those people who petitioned Disney
  about not making a sequel to Snow White would feel about this series
  version of Snow White as a modern dynamic woman...
* "La Strada" (I 1866-B), written by Massimo Marconi and drawn by Giorgio
  Cavazzano, based on (or, more likely, a homage to) Fellini's movie of
  the same name. I can't say I liked the story (don't bother throwing
  those rotten eggs at me--I wrote this text yesterday, so I have had
  plenty of time to duck!) but I was amazed by the way Cavazzano drew
  this story in the style of Floyd Gottfredson, including the stipple
  pattern used for shading.
* A two-page article titled "Mickey in Cinecita", subtitled "the back
  stage of Giorgio Cavazzano's _La Strada_".
* A three-page interview with Luca Boschi titled "Federico Fellini and
  Comics", subtitled "the imaginary heroes of a great director".
* "Good Deeds" (W WDC 229-01) by Carl Barks, from the October 1959
  issue of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories.
* A two-page article titled "Rosa's First Steps", subtitled "Don Rosa
  presents _Nobody's Business_".
* "Nobody's Business_ (AR 103) by Don Rosa.
* "Power Pin Pickle" (W WDC 437-05) by Paul Murry.

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