what a fanzine can contain?

Fabio Blanco longtom at oeste.com.ar
Mon Sep 30 04:19:42 CEST 2002

Thanks Fer and Timo:
                                  I know that internet offer best space for
scan comics, more readers and a wide range. But here in Argentina, like some
unfortunated places of earth, the virtues of the "ducks" comics have been
forgotten. If Don Rosa, Daan Jiipes and the ghost of Unca Carl come to
Buenos Aires to present a magazine of 100 pages of classic Uncle Scrooge
stories, everybody'll say... "uh?, Wos dat? thats are comics for children
that will prefer Little Mermaid or that sweety Tarzan rounded by lil talking

So, I think that we need a fandom. Rescue the memories of old Donald and
Scrooge readers, talk about Carl Barks and Don Rosa and about the respect of
these comics in Europe ( par example). We need have adults that dont have
shame to read Donald comics in public, so his childrens can imitate them.
And for this we need "Disney comics" than these adults can read!!!
Here's my idea of a fanzine, like a first step to rescue these wonderful
comics, for try have a fandom that move the local representation of Disney
that here can exists a public (Radio Disney direct to teenagers tell his
speakers not mention nothing related to "childish things" like comics of
Donald Duck)...

Just now I am thinking in U.S.A. were maybe neither are kids reading Carl
Barks comics. The difference is my country is in default, and in the black
list of economists.

I don't know. I always say that the magic word for comic lovers is "to be
continued" (continuara, a seguir). I keep thinking ways to keep the comic

Thanks again, kids...


bonvolu postu al longtom at oeste.com.ar

> >Well, I know some of you have experience on fanzines, so I would like
> >about what I can publish and what no in a Disney comics fanzine.
> Do you need suggestions for possible contain, or advice of what you *can*
> print on fanzine?
> Normally fanzine contains analytical articles, nostalgic looks on some
> creator's work, critique etc, and The Fair Usage Doctrine allows the use
> small elements from a total creative work for purposes of criticism and
> commentary. It is perfectly legal to print excerpts from Disney comic
> an article and such. No matter what Disney corporation might say.
> Swedish, German, Danish and Finnish Duck-fanzines have carried lots of
> Disney images for years without problems. And there is so called Bern
> agreement of 1886 concerning copyright laws. I think it is called
> International Copyright Treaty. It gives you a right to do small citations
> from any creative work. As far as I know The United States joined wholly
> Bern Convention in 1989. All European countries have ratified this treaty
> also.
> Notify that I'm not a legal expert, and you can always ask how much is
> usage".
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