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Tue Aug 5 14:58:42 CEST 2003

>Don, you once wrote to me in private, that you "pity me" for not
>liking your stories

If Don had wanted everyone on the list to read this remark, I'm sure he would've cc'd us on the original message.  That seems to be a rather sneaky way to get a jab in at someone that it seems that you often disagree with.  

However, Barks *did* create the characters, and while the rules shouldn't be hardfast, there are boundries that he set that, I feel, should be kept.  Bill Van Horn certainly doesn't strictly follow Barksian (or Rosa-ian) facts in his stories, but they stay in character.  Compare that to the work of Geoffery Blum (in particular his Worldwide Witch story--D2000-187)where he makes Magica a practicing witch (using *real* witchcraft talk) and Donald an illegal music downloader, certainly not things that Barks (or most any other Disney comics creater) would've done, and yet in the article in US320, Blum primes himself as a Barksian story teller.  

What's my point?  I fear I've gone off on a tangent, due to my utter disgust with the Blum story that I read last night.  I think we all can agree that the characters have specific personalities that should be adhered to.  To some degree or another, Barks created those personalities, so that, I feel, should be the blueprint for stories that follow.

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