Anders to Daniel about Rosa and Barks in the Netherlands H.W.Fluks at
Tue Aug 5 18:57:21 CEST 2003


> > No, it's a fact: many of the covers ARE drawn by Michel Nadorp. 8-)
> Okay - well, i grant that - and I do admit that I was quite 
> keen on the cover
> he made for the album carrying Don's Universal Solvent - 
> that was a nice idea

Ah, I see now that you were talking about the albums (OOM DAGOBERT), while I was mainly talking about the DONALD DUCK EXTRA comics.

The Oom Dagobert covers were not made by Nadorp. They are indeed reworked versions of Rosa drawings (sometimes re-inked, sometimes originals only re-layouted).

The Universal Solvent cover was drawn by Maarten Janssens (I saw him drawing it 8-), and based on an American cover for a completely different story.

> > Remember, when 2 covers look similar, it's also possible that Rosa
> > "traced" the original Dutch cover!
> That's a good idea - I don't think it did happen

I *did* happen (otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it).
Don redrew a Dutch DONALD DUCK EXTRA cover for Life of Scrooge chapter 2.


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