Rich Bellacera: Foul Fellows' Club

M.J. Prior M.J.Prior at
Sat Aug 9 15:31:06 CEST 2003

Rich Bellacera:

> In the Wolf/Pigs stories there is a gang of badguys called
> The Foul Fellows' Club or The Dirty Dozen.

If I remember correctly, this Club was a Dutch invention 
by storywriter Patty Klein. 
Its original name is 'de Booswichtenclub', or, when 
spelled incorrectly by those badguys: 'de Booswigte Klup'.

This club had never(?) more than five members, being the 
Fox, the Bear, the Wolf, a Weasel and a Buzzard.

You didn't have the Buzzard, whose Dutch name is Barend 
Buizerd. The Weasel character's name is Vittorio Wezel.
His skin is grey, he has a broad white hat and little 
black moustache and wears an 'italian' costume jacket, his 
whole appearance being something between a stylish cowboy 
(the white hat) and a stylish 'sicilian' gangster. I don't 
know if this Weasel is the same as the Willy Weasel you 
already had, hence my description. 

You shouldn't be too worried if the total doesn't count up 
to twelve: those villains probably can't either. :)

Michiel Prior.

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