Brazilian Taliaferro strip

Arthur Faria Jr. afaria at
Sun Aug 10 00:10:59 CEST 2003

Gilles, you wrote in 3 Aug 2003:

> Searching through INDUCKS, i found this 1968 Taliaferro/Karp strip :
> its only known publication seems to be in the Brazilian Almanaque Disney #
> 134, from 1982
> this would be interresting for me to see a scan of the strip, as relatives
> Donald appear in it, and :
> - it's very rare in these years to find background Duck characters
> - I'd like to include them in my Duck family tree, or at least to quote
> strip...

Sorry for the delay, I had troubles with my
computer and I'm unable to use my scanner right now.

But if you are looking for Donald's relatives,
you're unlucky: they don't appear in the gag!
Only Donald appears in it and we just "heard" the
voices of some uncles, aunts and cousins coming
out from bedrooms.
But if you still want the scan, I'll send you
as soon as possible.

  -- Arthur.

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