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Gerstein, David DK - ECN DGE at
Mon Aug 11 19:01:43 CEST 2003

	Hey Mark,

>When I was a little kid, I recall getting a Disney magazine that had some
comics in it, which I have never seen again.

	The magazine is The Wonderful World of Disney, a supermarket
giveaway published (at the time) by Proctor and Gamble.
	The comic stories with Mickey were "Mickey And The Sleuth", in which
a rather out-of-character Mickey plays Dr. Watson to The Sleuth, a brilliant
but clumsy Holmes-like London detective.
	The Sleuth's enemies are a recurring gang called the College of
Criminal Knowledge. They are the thin, aristocratic Professor Nefarious; the
armadillo Armadillo, and the dopey Fliplip.

	The "Sleuth" stories were produced by the Disney studio itself,
mostly for overseas use- which is why so few have ever appeared in the USA.
Aside from WWOD magazine, a few turned up in Western comics in the late
1970s, and a few more in Gladstone's DONALD AND MICKEY title around 1993.
	Other Disney studio self-produced comics also appeared in WWOD; for
example, rare Fethry Duck stories in 1960s issues of the magazine.

	David Gerstein

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