The "Pete" Proposition

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I wonder if such an intricate detailing of the 
Life & Times of Pete could also be accomplished and hence turn a relatively 
unpopular character into one of Disney's bigger stars


I think it could work. A few years ago there was a wonderful Pete story in the 
Norwegian DD&Co (sorry, I'm not in my library now so I can't give you the story 
code, but it may have been drawn by Ferioli).

Anyway, in this story Pete is hit by a ray that turns him into a fast-growing baby. 
Mickey decides to raise him, believing that love and care can turn him into 
a good citizen. It doesn't work, of course. Pete grows up to be just as bad 
as he was before. But in the last panel he wistfully thinks back upon their time 
together - how Mickey played with him and taught him to ride a bike. Frustrated, 
he cries out: "I MUST hate him, because otherwise I might like him!"

I want to know more about this guy, don't you?

Nils from Norway
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