hidden Mickey vs. Donald, plus HD&L

Katie Sullivan vazali at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 13 19:58:34 CEST 2003

Sigvald wrote:
>You right, the hidden Mickey's is not there to celebrate
>Mickey. Anyway my tip about "hidden Donald's" in this
>connection was not to make that creator
>a Rosa-clone, only a way such a creator could make some 
>references to Don Rosa and/or even Barks.

As much as I enjoy spotting the hidden Mickeys in Rosa's
work--the (uncensored) ;-) one in "The Duck Who Never Was" is
probably my favorite--I don't see the point in putting a hidden
tribute to Rosa or Barks in a story about Pete.  Rosa's never
used the character.  I don't remember Barks having done so
either, but I could be wrong about that.  I suppose it would be
just a general compliment to other Disney artists, but I would
think a nod to an artist more closely connected to the Mouse
universe would mean more.

And I've never seen Rosa's hidden Mickeys as a tribute to the
Mouse.  I see them as a way of playfully poking fun at him, a
subtle revenge for the fact that Mickey is so much more
prevalent in America than our beloved ducks.  I'm constantly
frustrated by the fact that there are Mickey T-shirts, pajamas,
keychains and toys everywhere, but so rarely Donald merchandise!
 And Scrooge merchandise?  Unless it's an old item leftover from
the DuckTales years or a rare offering in the Disney Store
online catalog, forget about it!  As a corporate icon Mickey
steals attention from the (IMHO) more worthy ducks.  ;-)
But anyway, I don't see how having Mickey trampled by an
elephant (Lo$) or impaled on broken glass (The Duck Who Never
Was) would qualify as a "tribute!"  LOL!!!
(No offense to Mouse fans!)  ;-)

Also, that tidbit about Huey, Dewey and Louie's creation was
very interesting!  It makes sense that they were made up by a
team of talented people intsead of just one artist, given what
I've read about the workings of the Disney studios in those

(A side note:  my mother was watching television the other day
and say someone with the name "Thelma."  She commented that it
wasn't a very nice-sounding name.  I didn't ask if she preferred
"Della" or "Dumbella."  LOL!)

Katie Sullivan

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