The "Pete" Proposition

Ari Seppi ari.seppi at
Wed Aug 13 20:55:40 CEST 2003

>However, I'm willing to bet that such detail COULD be constructed around 
>such a
>character as Pete!  Sure, Pete's history definitely weaves into Mickey's, 
>but, so
>does Scrooge's into Donald's.  So, I wonder if such an intricate detailing 
>of the
>Life & Times of Pete could also be accomplished and hence turn a relatively
>unpopular character into one of Disney's bigger stars,

At first the idea seemed strange. A long series like that around the
character of Pete? Pete just didn't sound interesting enough for that.

But the more I think about it, the better it sounds. I think I really would
like to read that kind of series.

>Plus his life is full of
>failures, which makes him the extreme opposite karmically to Scrooge, but 
>makes him much more "human" and identifiable to readers than Scrooge does.

Indeed, that kind of failing is somehow interesting - sympathetic.

>What do you think of such an endeavor.  Would a series featuring Pete be
>marketable if approached in this manner?

It could be. If the idea was properly used with ongoing tension through
the series, it shouldn't (mustn't) fail.

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