$crooge, Grandma and Barks

Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr. sigvald at duckburg.dk
Fri Aug 15 04:32:19 CEST 2003

Olaf Solstrand:
> I guess what I really want to discuss here,
> is: "Could one in 1984 call oneself a Barksist
> without knowing that Barks didn't think that
> Scrooge and Grandma were siblings?"

IMO, yes no doubt about that – as long as we talk about ordinary fans. But
when Marco Rota went on with the task of writing a biography for Donald Duck
he should have done a detailed research – and maybe he did that – and for a
Barksist the natural choice would be to search the works of Barks for useful
details for the forthcoming tale. Furthermore as Barks was alive and well in
his early/mid eighties at that time, the natural thing would have been to
make contact with the master himself for even closer consultations. It seems
that Marco Rota didn't do this – some might thus say that he failed.

> No offense to Don Rosa, but this new
> relationship was so despite everything we grew
> up with that I'm surprised it ever got
> through... even though it came from Barks
> originally.

I didn't grew up believing $crooge and Grandma were siblings. Actually I
can't remember that I ever gave that subject any thought at all until I read
Marco Rota's story and even then I didn't pay too much attention to it as
that was just another Italian story. (Please note that I like Italian
stories very much, but that I have always seen them as much vaguer when it
comes to consistency, than the American ones).

fortunately Egmont's editor - Byron Erickson is an American so there was no
reason he would censor *original* American *facts*. And if the "new"
relationship which actually is their *original* relationship, had not come
through wouldn't that have been a serious act of disrespect towards Barks?
And don't you think that Barks' managers at the time, would have seen such
and act as a clear insult against Carl Barks' good name and reputation and
thus sued Egmont for millions of $?

Daniel van Eijmeren:
> I think that even TODAY, one should be allowed
> to call himself a "Barksist" without knowing
> this (IMO) rather unimportant fact.

Maybe so, but wouldn't not knowing such basic details about the Ducks easily
make such a person look a bit ignorant?

> Saying Scrooge was the brother of the wife of
> the son of Grandma was as unlikely in Europe
> twenty years ago as it would have been saying
> a thousand years ago that the Earth is round
> as a ball.

Yes indeed, and luckily that new and correct view about the shape of the
Earth – even though is was so despite everything people used to believe, got


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