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On the other hand, there are more than one person named Fred Milton, so one should be very careful in interpreting the number of Google hits as any significant number regarding a specific person. 

Just for fun I Googled "Martin Olsen" and got about 4790 hits. Of course, Martin Olsen is not an uncommon name, and I suppose only a couple dozen of the hits are really *me*-hits.

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> >Also, Freddy Milton is known in the US by the name Fred Milton. I have 
> >Googled "Fred Milton" and got 640 hits, while "Freddy Milton" got 689 hits. 
> >There may be some doubles, but I believe Freddy's total score should be 
> >somewhere between 689 and 1329.
> Searching for '"Fred Milton" OR "Freddy Milton"' returns "about 1,320" hits.
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