Google polls

Cord Wiljes cord at
Sat Aug 16 14:30:33 CEST 2003

Martin wrote:

> These simple observations may serve as one indication why
> such a simple poll is not considered by all to carry much weight.

But it is an indication on how well-known (or even popular) an indivual

Two examples:

"Walt Disney"   1,370,000 hits
"Cord Wiljes"         229 hits
Conclusion: There are more people who know who Walt Disney was than
there are people who know who I am.

"Donald Duck"     351,000 hits
"Gladstone Gander"  1,550 hits
Conclusion: Donald is more popular than Gladstone

Of course it is not "scientific" but it's a nice game. And I think that
there a lot of celebrities in our days who determine their own
popularity by entering their own name in Google.

It is not  always easy to compare results. Gladstone for example has
different names in diferent countries while Donald keeps his original
name in many countries.

So if your name is "John Smith" you might be disappointed to learn that
you are not as popular as Google implies (380,000 hits)


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