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Sun Aug 17 16:29:08 CEST 2003

Michiel quoted:

>Pete had his peg leg until 1936 in the cartoons. In the comics it lasted 
>until 1941, when the story Mystery at Hidden River explained how he had 
>gotten an artifical leg that looked real.

Interestingly, the first bunch of Italian Disney artists, Bioletto, Carpi, 
Chierchini, P.L. de Vita et al, drew Pete with a wooden leg until as late as 
ca. 1960. The only exception was Scarpa, probably due to the strong 
Gottfredson influence. There's a nice scene in his story "Topolino e la 
dimensione Delta" (1959), when Pete takes off one of his shoes and 
underneath you can see his pegleg!

I personally adore Scarpa and think it's high time his classic MM stories of 
the 50s and early 60s see publication in the US. Only three have ever been 
published there: "The Blot's Double Mystery", "The Mystery Of Tapiocus VI" 
and "Kali's Nail". There are still about ten of his MM stories from that era 
that are absolutely indispensable. I guess the problem is they are drawn to 
fit a pocket book format, and of course it's sacrilege to change a 3-tier 
into a 4-tier.


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