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Sun Aug 17 18:56:27 CEST 2003

Olaf Solstrand <olaf at> wrote:

>> Sigvald:
>> Second I do differ between *adding* new
>> characters like Arpine Lúsene, José Carioca,
>> Panchito Pistoles, etc. (who really don't
>> contradict Barks' universe), and *changes of
>> what I would like to call constants in Barks'
>> universe like the look of he Money Bin, the
>> look of Scrooge's secretary, the fact that
>> $crooge normally doesn't have a butler, etc.
> And still, you reacted to Battista and
> Brigitta?

I like them, but I also realises that AFAIK they have never been a part of
the American Duck-universe.

> Well, Barks _HAS_ shown Scrooge with a butler.
> OK, that was a cover, but... we have also in
> several stories seen Scrooge surround himself
> with "servants". Perhaps no butlers, but quite
> a selection of chauffeurs. As for sources, I
> don't have them, but I have a feeling that
> Daniel can dig up a few of them if you need
> them.

No, he don't need to do that for me.

> Also, Battista fits Scrooge perfectly. He has
> practically no salary and no vacations... and
> still, he saves a lot of money for Scrooge
> with his clever tricks to press down the
> prices. His nature fits Scrooge perfectly,
> like no other butler would. More than a butler,
> he's something that helps Scrooge to spend less
> money.

Seems correct.

> And, when it comes to Brigitta: What's so
> disrespectful in showing that Scrooge
> has an admirer? He's the richest duck in the
> world, so anything else would be strange.
> Brigitta McBridge does most certainly not
> contradict anything Barks has written!

Well, AFAIK he *never* showed any such admirer of $crooge. Anyway, I guess
that Katie kan tell us more about this - as she's AFAIK DCMLs expert on THIS
particular topic.

> (by the way, I notice you use the Norwegian
> names for Italian characters. You call
> Battista "James" and Trudy "Petra". That is
> fine with me, but not everybody here read
> their comics in Norwegian, so could we please
> use original names? Especially since you tend
> to grumble when OTHERS don't use INDUCKS to
> dig up original names?)

Please remember that Coa was recently down for some time so I had no access.
Besides I do like the Norwegian names much better - "James" sounds perfect
for a butler, and "Petra" fits IMO very well together with Pete - just like
Mickey and Minnie or Donald and Daisy...

> --------------------------
> And now for something completely different:
> I was just reading "Topolino Imperatore
> della Calidornia" (I TL 274-A) in a Norwegian
> Donald Pocket, and noticed what MUST have been
> an error: Timing.
> According to the contract shown in the end,
> this story takes place in August 1973. Occuring
> in this story is an old criminal (Norwegian
> name "Tøffe-Mikke") who says he's 104 years
> old... but this same criminal is occuring in
> a flashback where he was shown to be a very
> active criminal... and that was in 1880. So
> in 1880 he must have been 13 years old -
> which the flashback shows very clearly in my
> opinion that he isn't.
> So, this is probably an error made by someone
> - my question is who. Did Scarpa do this, or
> was this error done in Norwegian translation
> because the translators changed the year
> without concidering the concequences, WAS
> this criminal actually 13 years old, or is
> there something completely different that
> can explain this?
> My first question would have to be: What years
> and age were used in the Italian original?
> Well, I now see that this story was first
> published in 1961, so I assume this story
> had a 1960 or 1961 date instead of "September
> 1st 1973", and that all other years and ages
> were the same, so that "Tøffe-Mikke" would
> have been 25 years old in 1880. But I have to
> ask anyhow... One of the reasons I puzzle, is
> that this "Tøffe-Mikke" seems to be appr.
> the same age in 1880 as Mickey is today.
> In other words, this calculation COULD BE an
> indicator on Scarpa's thoughts of Mickey's age.
> If anyone thinks I'm overreacting... I'm just
> curious. I like calculating these things, and
> laughed a little at this funny detail... But
> I'm curious where in the process this happened.

My guess that this mess i caused by Egmont's/ Disney's policy that a story
takes place when it's published. For the same reason some publisher's made a
mess out of the chronology given in panel #1 in Gyro's First Invention, etc.

> Best,
> Olaf the Blue

PS! Olaf sent this mail to me only and later asked me to farwrd it to DCML.


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