Michiel foolishly endeavours into further depths

M.J. Prior M.J.Prior at student.rug.nl
Mon Aug 18 13:14:05 CEST 2003

I know this is stupid and that I have other, *far more* 
important things to do, but I simply can't resist the 
temptation to respond to Sigvald's mail. 

> Maybe so, it's sometimes difficult to don't comment such > issues when one has very clear opinions on these same 
> issues.

Je dirai meme plus: "It is extremely difficult not to 
react when confronted with visions so strongly opposed to 
one's own view." This goes for you, Sigvald, when you read 
something that doesn't correspond to Rosa, as well as for 
others (me, Daniel) when you declare other artists' views 
and takes on characters to be "incorrect" and even 
"disrespectful to the original version".

I strongly recommend you to stop trying to see different 
versions as "opposed" to each other (instead of being 
different additions to the *same* 'universe') because this 
will lead you to declare the version you prefer (the 
earlier version, mostly) to be "correct". There surely is 
nothing wrong in having preferences, but please stop 
declaring *your own* preferred version as being *the only 
correct version*. Other people might have other 

I don't think there's an 'American universe' and an 
'Italian universe' because I see Italian as well as 
American as well as Brazilian and Dutch and Danish and 
German and French and you-name-it stories as pertaining to 
the *same 'universe'*. There are no *opposites*, see? 
Just additions and different views. *No* "correct" and 
"incorrect" versions. Disney Comics is *not science*.

There's no black and no white, just a whole wide-ranging 
vista of colours stretching from infra-iwerks to 
ultra-gulien (no preferences) and rosa just happens to be 
one of your (and my) favourite colours.

Now, that's *my* view. Someone else might have *another* 
view. You might like your own view better. I won't 
guarantee you that my view is "correct", but my experience 
is that it's a very workable view when it comes to 
appreciating differences.

> At a point a person says that he would prefer that such a > task should be given to an Italian. My interpretation of > this persons statement is that it seems that this persons > personal taste is his *only* argument for that opinion.

Are your preferences based on something more than *only* 
your personal taste? Maybe the quality of the plot and the 
artwork of the sories I've read might have something to do 
with it? Don't you think there might exist something as 
'objective quality'? [These are rhetorical questions.]

You own all 273 issues of the Norwegian DD pockets-series?
That's great! You might like the following Mouse stories:

I just checked: not a single Mouse story from "Topolino 
Noir" has been published in Norway. Are you familiar with 
any *modern* (nineties) Italian Mouse story? 

Michiel Prior.

P.S.: I realize that I must have read this rainbow-analogy 
somewhere before, and most likely on this mailinglist. 
Whoever first came up with it: thank you for appealing to 
the unconscious part of my memory.

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