Scarpa's Mickey Mouse Stories in Gemstone's

Eta Beta eega at
Mon Aug 18 13:43:39 CEST 2003

Hi folks!

Here's my 2 cents on the matter of Scarpa reprints in the States.

Gladstone did a few of his "classic" stories, the Blot's one was
remounted on 4 tiers and didn't look bad at all, while the others
were published in the original 3-tier format in regular comics
and looked GORGEOUS...

I love comics to be rather big, you can appreciate the art just
much better, so my opinion is, yes, please, Gary and anyone of
the Gemstone persuasion that might be listening, DO publish
Scarpa's Mickey, but NOT in the pockets if at all possible.

Cordially imho, of course.

Now, since we're talking the Mouse, and that feels refreshing
to me, no offense meant to duck-only fans, I'd like to ask
Gary what about Gottfredson ?

Is the ban on some of the older stories still valid ?

Could we see the entire Eega Beeva saga ?

I've been recently contacted by a young american reader
asking who Eega Beeva was, he'd heard the name but never
had the chance to read anything... I've directed him on the
few Gladstone reprints, but he now just wants more...

Comics apart, the absence of a Gottfredson Library is a shame
for the entire american publishing system, and draconian measures
should be taken, imho...



Eta Beta

"I'm not the first Italian Disney, I'm just the last
American one..."

Romano Scarpa (in the 80's B.R., i.e. Before Rosa :-)

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