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Kjell Croné kjell.crone at ifsworld.com
Mon Aug 18 14:59:30 CEST 2003

Sigvald Grøsfjeld:
> why is Don Rosa not in your list?
Olaf Solstrand:
> "because Don Rosa is not one of Kjell's favourite artists".
Daniël van Eijmeren:
> Is there a TRAITOR among us? Don't let him escape! :-)

;-), well,
Don Rosa didn't make comics when I was a kid and
I haven't really read any stories by him and
other "modern" (post 1970) artists.
But I have "read" (and like) Rosa's Family Tree poster.

Many modern creators are brilliant,
but I prefer the Dell era of Disney comics.
That's why Tony Strobl is on my list, but not Rosa or Jippes.
I also like some less popular artists from the Dell era:
Bradbury, Moores, de Lara, McSavage,... 

This is a bit like book reading.
When you have started to like an author,
you continue reading his/her books and
ignore other authors.

Perhaps you DCML members could suggest 
some suitable "starter stories" 
by your own favorite Disney artists.


BTW Sigvald, Alex Toth is another popular artist,
but mainly for his non-Disney comics, I guess.
He made quite many Zorro stories.

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