Barks's Geography's Founders watercolor

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Wed Aug 20 12:07:33 CEST 2003

THERESA WIEGERT, 19-08-2003:

> Since I'm getting more and more senile by every second,

Ah, my secret backward messages are beginning to work... :-)

> I don't remember who sent the link to the Barks-aquarelle with 
> the duck physicists arguing about the nature of the Earth, 


> yes, I *could* look at archives, but since I'm writing anyway:

It's of course always best to let *others* do the searching, while you 
are writing. (I'm sorry, this is always my impression when I read such 

> The picture is gorgeous, but oh so tiny - does anyone have a scan 
> with better resolution?

Yes, but first I have to show off some knowledge. :-) The watercolor is 
titled "Geography's Founders" (80-02). It's part of Barks's extensive 
series "Famous Figures of History as They Might Have Looked Had Their 
Genes Gotten Mixed with Waterfowl".  (153kb)
Scan is submitted by Gerd Syllwasschy, 21 December 2001.
It's taken from Barks's Animal Quackers paintings book.

On his BarksBase site, Gerd has a splendid overview of Barks's 
non-Disney watercolors:

--- Daniël

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