On the Studio Program

Eta Beta eega at supereva.it
Fri Aug 22 12:17:09 CEST 2003

David Gerstein, Gary :

As David knows, I've had this curiosity for a long time, and
maybe I'm finally going to find out...

Italian authors working for the Disney Studio Program often
maintained that the stories coming from Burbank were so bad
they had to rewrite them from scratch, to the point that barely
the title remained intact...

My curiosity is that of having a look at one of those original
scripts, because I just can't believe they could have been
worse than the final versions, some of them at least... :-)

Now, what about "The Big Break-In" ? Is what we read in US 320
the original Carl Fallberg script and dialogue, or is this an
italian "rewrite" ?

Because if it's not, Scarpa and ALL the other italian authors
must have been lying all the time, the Gemstone version is
absolutely identical to the original italian one, with dialogue
faithfully translated...

Or maybe this was a unusually "lucky" story... :-)


Eta Beta

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