Lichtenstein painting

Kristian Pedersen ktpedersen at
Fri Aug 22 14:23:15 CEST 2003

Today a big exhibition of the works of Roy
Lichtenstein is opening in Copenhagen. Among the works
on display is a painting of Donald Duck and Mickey
Mouse fishing from a pier, Donald having accidentally
hooked his own shirt and saying "Look Mickey! I caught
a big one!" 

The exhibition is getting rave reviews in all the
newspapers. Personally I can't help getting irritated
that none of the reviewers comment on what is
blindingly obvious to any Disney comics fan: The
drawing of Donald and Mickey is extremely inept. There
were some pretty bad drawings in the Danish weekly in
the late sixties, but I don't think I ever saw a
Disney comics picture this bad. I suppose art people
will argue that the ugliness is Lichtenstein's point,
and go on about deterioration of aesthetic values in
the modern world and so on. My own suspicion is that
he simply wasn't able to draw them, but that suspicion
may be down to some form of inverted snobbery in me!

Does anybody here know whether that painting was based
on a real panel, or whether Lichtenstein made it up? A
scan is probably on the web somewhere, but I haven't
found any, unfortunately

Best regards,

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