Barks/Jippes Be Leery Of Lake Eerie

Ari Seppi ari.seppi at
Fri Aug 22 16:41:31 CEST 2003

>Was Jippes's inked version of the sweet ending not included? Only the

Both sketches and the inked version were used.

>I'm curious if someone has seen the inked sweet version.

So about one fifth of the Finnish population has seen it.

> > Both, the one used at the end of the story was the cynical
> > and the sweet was included as illustration for an article
> > about the story.
>I understood that. But is it shown as being *INKED* by Jippes?

How could you understand it before anybody mentioned it here ?-)

>(If so, can someone put scans of both endings online?)

If nobody else does before I can, I'll make the scan.

Ari Seppi (ari.seppi at

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