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Gerstein, David DK - ECN DGE at ECN.egmont.com
Fri Aug 22 17:04:48 CEST 2003

	Pgreetings Eta,

>Now, what about "The Big Break-In" ? Is what we read in US 320
>the original Carl Fallberg script and dialogue, or is this an
>italian "rewrite" ?

	The Egmont archives contain black-and-white photostats to the
'final' Disney Studio version of the story: that is to say, Scarpa art with
English language dialogue in the voice balloons.
	The dialogue in the balloons in this 'final' Disney Studio version
is the same as what Gemstone printed: polished, often clever dialogue that's
clearly in American English. This text could be either
	(A) Fallberg's original, unaltered character dialogue;
	(B) a mixture of Fallberg's dialogue and Scarpa's dialogue, smoothed
over and Americanized by a Disney Studio editor; or
	(C) pure Scarpa dialogue, Americanized by a Disney Studio editor.
	Unfortunately, there's no real way of telling which of these options
is correct. Also remember that while Scarpa certainly may have revised SOME
stories that came to him from America, there might have been OTHERS that he
drew exactly in the form that he received them. So the specific case of "The
Big Break-In" proves very little about OTHER Scarpa stories of the era.

	Best, David

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