On Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse Strips

Eta Beta eega at supereva.it
Mon Aug 25 15:52:16 CEST 2003


>the discussion about Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse strips is obsolete.

The discussion is not obsolete, the reprint you mention, well
known around here, is !

I know a few sets are still around, at Laqua's for instance, but
the asking price would soon make *me* obsolete for lack of food
if I bought it...

Besides, the quality's not worth the price, even if appreciation
of said printing quality varies wildly among my acquaintances
who own it, from "alright, perfectly acceptable" to plain

But this edition has already been discussed by others, the point
of this discussion, to me at least, was to check out what
*Gemstone* could do with Gottfredson's stuff, if they could...


Eta Beta

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