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Mon Aug 25 16:35:02 CEST 2003

>>>I finally found the time to look at "Hillbilly Cousin" (D 7296). 
Thehillbilly character in this story doesn't look like the "Douglas/FreddyFryseand" 
>>>pictured on your Duck Family Tree. Also, his original name is Duckwood 
(Andreas in Danish), rather than Douglas. And he is Donald'scousin, 
>>>rather than Scrooge's 1/4 cousin. Perhaps you or S. Haagerup mixed up two 
I think I mixed up the stories... the story in which Freddy appeared must be  
D9312, still by Vicar, and the original name of this character would be 
welcome... if you're able to check that, that'd be cool

>>>Anyway, the character from D 7296 is definitely*not* Scrooge's cousin 
Douglas (as seen in D 5560 and D 99252).
So, somebody should correct this in INDUCKS

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