DCML Digest, Vol 6, Issue 72

Arie Fachrisal cien2 at cbn.net.id
Thu Aug 28 18:53:19 CEST 2003

> From: "Daniel van Eijmeren" <dve at kabelfoon.nl>
> > Just a guess, without checking. "Trick or Treat"? (DD 26)
> Did I make a correct guess, Arie?
> --- Daniël

Oh yes, you did, Daniel. sorry, i seemed to forgot to answer that in my
haste to reply to the other quote you set up. btw thx for the Monty link, i
enjoyed it very much :-D *another proof that movies can also be classics
despite the visual, sound effects development that happened*

Keep On Quoting,
Arie Fachrisal who just saw tiny light star in the sky, known as Mars.

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