Donald Duck christmas giveaway 1944

Ola Martinsson Ola.Martinsson at
Wed Dec 3 14:56:21 CET 2003

Hi Don and thanks for your answer. Some other questions follows from 
your answer
though, I hope that you don't think that I'm nitpicky here.

Are the Taliaferro pages daily strips or Sunday pages or maybe both ?
Is the name of the toy stores stamped on the back as for March of comics 
or how is that shown ?
I assume that you mean that the total number of pages including the 
cover is 16 ?
Are there comics on all pages ?

AND the biggest one of them, how can the Thumper story that is 64 pages 
according to INDUCKS fit in this comic ???

Ola in a dark Stockholm and the time is 14.55

> Got one right here...
> It's a 16 page "self-covered" (cover is same newsprint paper as interior)
> giveaway for toy stores at Xmas 1944. It opens with 6 pages of Taliaferro
> Donald Duck newspaper strips, and then contains the first story from FOUR
> COLOR #19 ("The Seven Dwarfs meet Thumper").

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