DCML Digest, Vol 9, Issue 45

Arie Fachrisal cien2 at cbn.net.id
Wed Dec 3 17:44:00 CET 2003

Hi Don,
I understand that you made prints of the parodic covers. how much does it
cost for each print? I would like to buy the prints if it's somewhere within
my reach. though i am not someone who collects old american comic books, i
work part-time in a hobby shop and thus understand the covers that are being

as a Rosa collector, i also want to collect the prints, which in some early
emails i sent you, i refer to as "photostats". after reading your message in
dcml, i understand you made "prints" of them.

i still owe you $10 for the lovely CK books and $10 for the s/h cost i've
burdened you with the Lo$ sets along with a bunch of goodies you sent me. i
will send the payment along with the payment for the prints if you dont
mind. also, what kind of other prints you might have in stock? and did you
also made "prints" or "reference photocopied page of original covers" that
you make the parody covers of. i can recognize some of the old american
super hero comic book covers and ec covers, such as hulk, amazing spidey,
but some i really cant recognize such as the "sensation comics". i know it's
parody of wonder woman, but i never actually saw any reproduction of the
original cover in "Wizard" or any other sources.

The local Lo$ has been re-scheduled for next year. they said that they still
havent receive the materials to work on. oh well, another wait.

Best regards,
Arie Fachrisal

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> From: "Don Rosa" <donrosa at iglou.com>
> Subject: RE: DCML Digest Issue 44
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> > From: "Hoy Murphy" <hoymurphy at charter.net>
> > Subject: Don Rosa at Mid-Ohio Con
> > Don, will you have any of your prints for sale this year, and will one
> > them feature the Three Caballeros?  That's been my favorite comic
> > book story
> > of any I've read this year (and I read a lot!), so I'd like to be able
> > get a print if you will have one available.
> No, sorry, I don't have any prints of published art. The only thing I make
> prints of are things I've done for friends or special reasons that no one
> would have seen anywhere, f'rinstance the comic cover parodies that I do
> occasions like the annual AACC banquet. About half of the prints are such
> parodies of DC or Marvel or EC or other comic covers (with Ducks).
> When I stopped doing drawings at American conventions and decided to see
> anyone would want prints of these cover parodies that I had keep copies of
> in my files, I thought fans would go wild over them. They really *are*
> pretty funny and I enjoy doing them and put a *lot* of work into them to
> make them *exact* duplicates of the original cover layouts. But strangely,
> while they attract lots of attention (since they make a very colorful
> display of dozens of large full-color prints) not many people are
> in having copies. And I think the reason is how the American market has
> developed. I do these because I am a Barks fan *and* a collector of all
> other old American comics. But I am one of the exceptions. I think the
> American comic collectors recognize the famous old covers I'm parodying
> think they're funny... but they don't understand why Donald Duck is in the
> scene. And generally speaking, the Duck/Barks fans recognize the Ducks,
> they don't recognize the classic old comic covers and therefore don't
> understand the joke.
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