Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Thu Dec 4 18:12:29 CET 2003

 Okay, okay, I didn't think there would be a need to go through this again,
but someone whom I would think would know better has complained that I am
picking on somebody due to their handicap in learning English. I correspond
with my friend "KUR" constantly both here on the public DCML as well as in
private e-mails. And I have already joked on the DCML about how funny
whatever type of translator he is using makes his messages appear. And
following that (or, heck, *not* even following that), his writing that he
thought one of my stories was "just sow swe(a)t" (rather than "just so
sweet") was far too funny not to kid about. I still think it is!
Two points that will not change:
1) I am too stupid to even begin to write or speak more than English, and
(as I *frequently* say) I am *vastly* impressed by all of you people here
(and whom I meet in my travels) who can speak/write English and probably
several other languages in addition to your own.
B) I will, however, never hesitate to poke fun at any wordings that, by
sheer chance, come out with a humorous meaning other than intended,
especially if it's as funny as "sow sweat".

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