Favorite Ducktales Eps.

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Thu Dec 4 18:26:57 CET 2003

Chris Barat writes:

"2)Master of the Djinni -- A great Scrooge-Glomgold duel, spiced with time travel."

I forgot to put that one in my list! I always liked that slow climbing race up the tower
to get to the magic lamp, as well as the music that went with it, and then the crazy race down
the mountain with the explosions that followed. 

I liked a lot of the scenes in Ducktales version of "Tralla La" too. Particularly the whole thrid act, which actually dealt with how the 
ducks get out of the mountain.

About "Beaglemania" - I have a cassette tape titled "Music From The Disney Afternoon" which included the whole song (including the "new" lyrics from the end 
of the show) and I still remember the moment where one of the beagles uses his pistols to create a laser light show! 

There were plenty of good moments in the second season where the writing staff would build suspense around how Fenten was going to get to that Gizmoduck suit in
time. The scene with Scrooge and Fenton standing in front of the firing squad in
"Allowance Day" is an excellant example. 

I would also add "The Big Flub" to my list (the episode about Gyro's "floating"
bubble gum), because of Scrooge's big rescue scene at the end.

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