Favorite Ducktales Eps.

Matthew Williams kingofduckburg at apptechnc.net
Thu Dec 4 19:55:04 CET 2003

>There were plenty of good moments in the second season where the writing
staff would build suspense around how Fenten >was going to get to that
Gizmoduck suit in time. The scene with Scrooge and Fenton standing in front
of the firing squad in
>"Allowance Day" is an excellent example.

>I would also add "The Big Flub" to my list (the episode about Gyro's
"floating" bubble gum), because of Scrooge's big >rescue scene at the end.

In defense of the second season, I have to say that I really like Fenton
Crackshell.  I just don't care for Gizmo Duck.  I like the episodes that
feature Fenton with little or no appearance of his secret identity.  When
Gizmo Duck turned up on Darkwing Duck a few years later, I was somewhat
pleased to see the appearance of a DuckTales character, but he just didn't
seem to be the same character.  Fenton's appearance was so minimal.  In the
episodes that just featured Gizmo Duck, it was hard for me to imagine that
Fenton was really in the suit.


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