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> The Three Little Pigs actually have an instrumental part in the
> plot, and there's no possible mistake about it being really them,
> with "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" music and all.
> Mickey also appears, never called by name but easily recognizable.
> What I'm wondering is, what did Walt think of all this ?

Regarding the three little pigs, he probably couldn't say much, as the tale 
existed long before Disney. (A *very* quick google search found a reference to 
an 1843 book, e.g.)

> Was there an agreement between Disney and MGM about the use of
> the characters in the movie, and if not, how did MGM manage to
> get by with it ?

If you watch the end credits of a modern movie, you'll see references to every 
single song that is heard in the movie, even if it's only a snippet, or if 
someone whistles it, as all songs are performed under license. I would assume 
that "who's afraid..." was performed under license, as well, though I don't 
know if back then the end credits consisted of anything more than "the end", 
so it may not be so easy to check. Presumably, the same holds for having 
Mickey Mouse appear in the movie.

> Anyone knows ?

Not me; I'm just guessing!

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