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Fri Dec 5 16:39:22 CET 2003

På Fri, 05 Dec 2003 17:15:14 +0200, skrev Kriton Kyrimis <kyrimis at>:

> Regarding the three little pigs, he probably couldn't say much, as the 
> tale existed long before Disney. (A *very* quick google search found a 
> reference to an 1843 book, e.g.)

But hasn't Disney bought the rights to everything concerning the three 
little pigs?

This morning, I heard on the radio that a Norwegian local theater group - 
with thirteen actors, many of them children - who'd rehearsed the play 
"Gummi-Tarzan" (based on the book by the same name by Ole Lund Kierkegaard, 
I think) to play for 3-400 people (not for the money, not for the fame, but 
for the fun), had to find another play, because Disney owned the rights to 
the "Tarzan" name after the 1998(?) animated film. As they said it 
themselves - they were forced to find another play in order to not be sued 
by Disney.

And I KNOW that Tarzan was invented long before the late nineties. So 
whether Disney'd invented the three little pigs or not... I don't think 
that's of so great importance here. The Disney Company has invented very 
few of their movie stars.

Olaf the Blue

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