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Olaf wrote:

>And I KNOW that Tarzan was invented long before the late nineties. So 
>whether Disney'd invented the three little pigs or not... I don't think 
>that's of so great importance here. The Disney Company has invented very 
>few of their movie stars.

I think Tarzan may be in a different situation becuase he was the creation of 
one writer in the early twentieth century (Edgar Rice Burroughs).  I've noticed 
that "Disney/Burroughs" is written beside of pictures from the Disney film on 
my Disney day by day clander, so I don't think Disney has complete ownership of 
the character.  Plus there is a non-Disney Tarzan tv series currently airing 
the USA.

Do any of you know anything about the origins of the Three little pigs?  My 
guess is that the pigs are a practically ancient and uncopyrightable folktale.


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