Disney and Three Little Pigs

Daniel J. Neyer jerryblake2 at juno.com
Sat Dec 6 16:55:37 CET 2003

I'm not sure how it is in Europe, but the Laurel and Hardy MARCH OF THE
WOODEN SOLDIERS has not "faded into obscurity" over here in the States.
It still runs on TV, is available on video, and is in fact much better
know than the Disney remake (which I've never seen). 

I can explain why the Pigs and Mickey appeared in MARCH OF THE WOODEN
SOLDIERS--it's because there is a very great difference between the real
Disney studio under Walt, and the current conglomerate that sits on the
rights to all the characters it uses. The Pigs in MARCH OF THE WOODEN
SOLDIERS were not just representations of the folktale pigs, they were
clearly Disney's Three Little Pigs in appearance. They were even
accompanied by the "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" theme music. In
Leonard Maltin's book on the Disney films, he mentions that Walt offered
to let Hal Roach (MARCH OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS' producer) borrow Pinto
Colvig and other studio personnel to do the pigs' voices, but that wasn't
necessary. The real Walt Disney was quite generous with his characters
and his creations; he felt they belonged to their fans as well as to
their creators. In short, Walt may have been a businessman, but he was a
human being first. Nowadays, it gets me upset to see people confuse the
current-day monster corporation called "Disney Studios" with the magical
"fun factory" created by Walt. 

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