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RE: Are there any periods in the Donald Duck newspaperstrip where it worked 
like a story of some kind with a part each day,..?

I wrote the Donald Duck strip from sometime in 1980 til sometime in 1990. 
Sometime in the mid-  to late-80s I wrote a 6-week, gag-a-day continuity story 
that was edited down to about 3 weeks by supervisors who assured me the reading 
public would not read a continuity story. The story involved Donald, the kids 
and Daisy going on a vacation with Scrooge to his rubber plantation in South 
America. There were "preparing to go on vacation" gags, "traveling aboard a 
ship" gags, "Amazon River" gags and assorted tightwad Scrooge gags set in a 
far-off location. If I can find the gags, I'll share them in a future DCML.

Bob Foster
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