Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse strips

Ordi_sas ordi at
Sun Dec 7 18:39:59 CET 2003

My name is Paolo Bontempi
I'm from Italy, I'm  a disney comics collector.
I would like to start collection (not necessary original) daily strips and
sunday pages of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck silly simphonies in english
text,Is there anyone could help me?
Please contact me to :
ordi at

Mickey Mouse Daily  1/1/56---present
Mickey Mouse Sunday 1/10/1932---present
Donald Duck daily   2/7/1938---present
Donald Duck Sunday  12/10/1939---present
Silly Symphonies 1/10/1932 ---10/7/1945
Uncle Remus         10/14/1945 ---12/31/1972
Thanks for your attention!
                                            Paolo Bontempi

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